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  • Oliveira DM, Costa MA, Chavez-Fumagalli MA, Valadares DG, Duarte MC, Costa LE, Martins VT, Gomes RF, Melo MN, Soto M, Tavares CA, Coelho EA.

    Evaluation of parasitological and immunological parameters of Leishmania chagasi infection in BALB/c mice using different doses and routes of inoculation of parasites

    PARASITOLOGY RESEARCH . 110(3): 1277-1285. Number of citations: 37


  • Hernández-Jiménez M, Ayuso MI, Pérez-Morgado MI, García-Recio EM, Alcázar A, Martín ME, González VM.

    eIF4F complex disruption causes protein synthesis inhibition during hypoxia in nerve growth factor (NGF)-differentiated PC12 cells

    BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-MOLECULAR CELL RESEARCH . 1823(2): 430-438. Number of citations: 8


  • Santos DM, Carneiro MW, de Moura TR, Fukutani K, Clarencio J, Soto M, Espuelas S, Brodskyn C, Barral A, Barral-Netto M, de Oliveira CI.

    Towards development of novel immunization strategies against leishmaniasis using PLGA nanoparticles loaded with kinetoplastid membrane protein-11.



  • Coelho VT, Oliveira JS, Valadares DG, Chávez-Fumagalli MA, Duarte MC, Lage PS, Soto M, Santoro MM, Tavares CA, Fernandes AP, Coelho EA.

    Identification of Proteins in Promastigote and Amastigote-like Leishmania Using an Immunoproteomic Approach

    PLOS NEGLECTED TROPICAL DISEASES . 6(1): e1430. Number of citations: 63


  • da Silva RA, Tavares NM, Costa D, Pitombo M, Barbosa L, Fukutani K, Miranda JC, de Oliveira CI, Valenzuela JG, Barral A, Soto M, Barral-Netto M, Brodskyn C.

    DNA vaccination with KMP11 and Lutzomyia longipalpis salivary protein protects hamsters against visceral leishmaniasis

    ACTA TROPICA . 120(3): 185-190. Number of citations: 23


  • Moreno M, González VM.

    Advances on Aptamers Targeting Plasmodium and Trypanosomatids

    CURRENT MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY . 18(32): 5003-5010. Number of citations: 9


  • Carrión J, Folgueira C, Soto M, Fresno M, Requena JM.

    Leishmania infantum HSP70-II null mutant as candidate vaccine against leishmaniasis: a preliminary evaluation

    PARASITES & VECTORS . 4: 150-150. Number of citations: 35


  • Iborra S, Soto M, Stark-Aroeira L, Castellano E, Alarcón B, Alonso C, Santos E, Fernández-Malavé E.

    H-ras and N-ras are dispensable for T-cell development and activation but critical for protective Th1 immunity

    Blood . 117(19): 5102-5111. Number of citations: 24


  • Moreno M, González VM, Rincón E, Domingo A, Domínguez E.

    Aptasensor based on the selective electrodeposition of protein-linked gold nanoparticles on screen-printed electrodes

    Analyst . 136(9): 1810-1815. Number of citations: 14


  • Guerra N, Vega-Sendino M, Pérez-Morgado MI, Ramos E, Soto M, Gonzalez VM, Martín ME.

    Identification and functional characterization of a poly(A)-binding protein from Leishmania infantum (LiPABP)

    FEBS LETTERS . 585(1): 193-198. Number of citations: 7


  • Piñeiro D, González VM, Salinas M, Elena Martín M.

    Analysis of the protein expression changes during taxol-induced apoptosis under translation inhibition conditions

    MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY . 345(1-2): 131-144. Number of citations: 3


  • Albiñana E, Sacristán S, Martín del Río R, Solís JM, Hernández-Guijo JM.

    Modulation of Calcium Channels by Taurine Acting Via a Metabotropic-like Glycine Receptor

    CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY . 30(8, SI): 1225-1233. Number of citations: 3


  • Chávez-Fumagalli MA, Costa MA, Oliveira DM, Ramírez L, Costa LE, Duarte MC, Martins VT, Oliveira JS, Olortegi CC, Bonay P, Alonso C, Tavares CA, Soto M, Coelho EA.

    Vaccination with the Leishmania infantum ribosomal proteins induces protection in BALB/c mice against Leishmania chagasi and Leishmania amazonensis challenge

    MICROBES AND INFECTION . 12(12-13): 967-977. Number of citations: 35


  • Ramos E, Moreno M, Martín ME, Soto M, Gonzalez VM.

    In Vitro Selection of Leishmania infantum H3-Binding ssDNA Aptamers

    Oligonucleotides . 20(4): 207-213. Number of citations: 15


  • Ayuso MI, García-Bonilla L, Martín ME, Salinas M.

    Assessment of Protein Expression Levels After Transient Global Cerebral Ischemia Using an Antibody Microarray Analysis

    NEUROCHEMICAL RESEARCH . 35(8): 1239-1247. Number of citations: 7


  • Carrillo-de Santa Pau E, Carrillo Arias F, Caso Pelaez E, Muguruza Trueba I, Sánchez Hernández I, Muñoz Molina GM, Moreno Balsalobre R, Sacristán López S, Gómez-Pinillos A, Toledo Lobo Mdel V.

    Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) Serum Levels Are Associated With Survival in Early Stages of Lung Cancer Patients

    CANCER INVESTIGATION . 28(4): 393-398. Number of citations: 16


  • Souza AP, Andrade BB, Aquino D, Entringer P, Miranda JC, Alcantara R, Ruiz D, Soto M, Teixeira CR, Valenzuela JG, de Oliveira CI, Brodskyn CI, Barral-Netto M, Barral A.

    Using Recombinant Proteins from Lutzomyia longipalpis Saliva to Estimate Human Vector Exposure in Visceral Leishmaniasis Endemic Areas

    PLOS NEGLECTED TROPICAL DISEASES . 4(3): e649. Number of citations: 56


  • Ramírez L, Iborra S, Cortés J, Bonay P, Alonso C, Barral-Netto M, Soto M.

    BALB/c Mice Vaccinated with Leishmania major Ribosomal Proteins Extracts Combined with CpG Oligodeoxynucleotides Become Resistant to Disease Caused by a Secondary Parasite Challenge

    JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICINE AND BIOTECHNOLOGY . 2010: 181690-181690. Number of citations: 20