Lipidomics and proteomics characterization (UCA-CLP)


Diego Gómez-Coronado


Dr. Óscar Pastor Rojo (Lipidómica)

Dr. Alberto Alcazar (Proteómica)

Dra. Emma Mártinez (Proteómica)

Dr. Diego Gómez-Coronado (Esteroles y lipoproteínas)


  • Equipment

    - MALDI-TOF/TOF Autoflex III mass spectrometer (Bruker Daltonics).

    - One- and two-dimensional electrophoresis equipment; IEF Multiphor II and Processor PLus equipment (GE Healthcare).

    - Biocompatible FPLC (GE Healthcare) and high resolution HPLC chromatography equipment, with automatic refrigerated injector, DAD, fluorescence, UV visible and electrochemical detection module, fraction collector and thermostatizer.

    - High quantitative resolution LC-MS system with ESI and APCI sources.

    - GC-MS system for gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.

    - Ultracentrifuges.

    - Scintillation counter.

  • Services portfolio
    • Sterol analysis
    • Cholesterol biosynthesis analysis
    • Production of human low-density lipoprotein (LDL) for research
    • Production of acetylated human LDL for research
    • Production of DiI-labeled human LDL for research
    • Analysis of the ability to stimulate the cellular export of cholesterol
    • Baseline lipid extraction
    • Standard lipidomics (CE, TG, PE, PC, DG, LPC, LPE, SM)
    • Sphingolipid lipidomics (SM, Cer, dhCer, HexCer, LacCer, Sulf)
    • Bioinformatics analysis of lipidomics data (1h)
    • Free cjolesterol analysis
    • Determination of molecular masses of drugs, small molecules, peptides and proteins.
    • Protein identification
    • 1D electrophoresis
    • 2D electrophoresis
    • IEF electrophoresis
    • Differential proteomics
    • Staining and labeling
    • Gel scanning

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