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  • Ortega MA, Romero B, Asúnsolo Á, Martínez-Vivero C, Sainz F, Bravo C, De León-Luis J, Álvarez-Mon M, Buján J, García-Honduvilla N.

    Pregnancy-associated venous insufficiency course with placental and systemic oxidative stress.

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  • Ortega MA, Saez MÁ, Asúnsolo Á, Romero B, Bravo C, Coca S, Sainz F, Álvarez-Mon M, Buján J, García-Honduvilla N.

    Upregulation of VEGF and PEDF in Placentas of Women with Lower Extremity Venous Insufficiency during Pregnancy and Its Implication in Villous Calcification.

    BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL . 2019: 5320902-5320902.


  • Ibarra B, García-García J, Azuara G, Vázquez-Lasa B, Ortega MA, Asúnsolo Á, San Román J, Buján J, García-Honduvilla N, De la Torre B.

    Polylactic-co-glycolic acid microspheres added to fixative cements and its role on bone infected architecture.



  • Puerta A, Núñez J, Vilar JA, Hervás PL, Nuño J.

    Cystic Duct Bile Leak in Graft: An Unexpected Origin for Choleperitoneum After Liver Transplant.



  • Cristóbal L, de Los Reyes N, Ortega MA, Álvarez-Mon M, García-Honduvilla N, Buján J, Maldonado AA.

    Local Growth Hormone Therapy for Pressure Ulcer Healing on a Human Skin Mouse Model.

    INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES . 20(17): . Number of citations: 2


  • Puerta A, Vilar JA, Núñez J, López Hervás P, Nuño J.

    Leiomyosarcoma of the inferior vena cava.



  • Martín-López J, Pérez-Rico C, García-Honduvilla N, Buján J, Pascual G.

    Elevated blood/lymphatic vessel ratio in pterygium and its relationship with vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) distribution.

    HISTOLOGY AND HISTOPATHOLOGY . 34(8): 18095-18095.


  • Vilar Tabanera A, Puerta Vicente A, López Buenadicha A, Peromingo R, Lopez Hervás P, Nuño Vasquez-Garza J.

    Luschka Duct Leak: An Unexpected Cause of Choleperitoneum After Liver Transplant.



  • Ortega MA, Asúnsolo Á, Romero B, Álvarez-Rocha MJ, Sainz F, Leal J, Álvarez-Mon M, Buján J, García-Honduvilla N.

    Unravelling the Role of MAPKs (ERK1/2) in Venous Reflux in Patients with Chronic Venous Disorder.

    Cells Tissues Organs . 206(4-5): 272-282. Number of citations: 3


  • Ortega MA, Romero B, Asúnsolo Á, Sola M, Álavrez-Rocha MJ, Sainz F, Álavrez-Mon M, Buján J, García-Honduvilla N.

    Patients with Incompetent Valves in Chronic Venous Insufficiency Show Increased Systematic Lipid Peroxidation and Cellular Oxidative Stress Markers.

    OXIDATIVE MEDICINE AND CELLULAR LONGEVITY . 2019: 5164576-5164576. Number of citations: 2


  • Knipfer C, Wagner F, Knipfer K, Millesi G, Acero J, Hueto JA, Nkenke E.

    Learners' acceptance of a webinar for continuing medical education.

    INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY . 48(6): 841-846. Number of citations: 5


  • Pereira-Sanchez V, Alvarez-Mon MA, Asunsolo Del Barco A, Alvarez-Mon M, Teo A.

    Exploring the Extent of the Hikikomori Phenomenon on Twitter: Mixed Methods Study of Western Language Tweets.



  • Alvarez-Mon MA, Llavero-Valero M, Sánchez-Bayona R, Pereira-Sanchez V, Vallejo-Valdivielso M, Monserrat J, Lahera G, Asunsolo Del Barco A, Alvarez-Mon M.

    Areas of Interest and Stigmatic Attitudes of the General Public in Five Relevant Medical Conditions: Thematic and Quantitative Analysis Using Twitter.



  • Trejo-Iriarte CG, Serrano-Bello J, Gutiérrez-Escalona R, Mercado-Marques C, García-Honduvilla N, Buján-Varela J, Medina LA.

    Evaluation of bone regeneration in a critical size cortical bone defect in rat mandible using microCT and histological analysis.

    ARCHIVES OF ORAL BIOLOGY . 101: 165-171. Number of citations: 2


  • Azuara G, García-García J, Ibarra B, Parra-Ruiz FJ, Asúnsolo A, Ortega MA, Vázquez-Lasa B, Buján J, San Román J, de la Torre B.

    Experimental study of the application of a new bone cement loaded with broad spectrum antibiotics for the treatment of bone infection.

    Revista espanola de cirugia ortopedica y traumatologia . 63(2): 95-103.


  • Ferre C, Lledó JL, Aguilera L, Garcia-Paredes A, Rodríguez-Santiago E, Graus J, García-González M, Nuño J, López-Buenadicha A, López-Hervás P, Rodríguez-Gandía M, Gea F, Albillos A.

    Current allocation policy is favorable for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma waiting for liver transplantation.

    DIGESTIVE AND LIVER DISEASE . 50(12): 1345-1350. Number of citations: 3


  • García-Honduvilla N, Coca A, Ortega MA, Trejo C, Román J, Peña J, Cabañas MV, Vallet Regi M, Buján J.

    Improved connective integration of a degradable 3D-nano-apatite/agarose scaffold subcutaneously implanted in a rat model.

    JOURNAL OF BIOMATERIALS APPLICATIONS . 33(5): 741-752. Number of citations: 1


  • Ortega MA, Romero B, Asúnsolo Á, Sainz F, Martinez-Vivero C, Álvarez-Mon M, Buján J, García-Honduvilla N.

    Behavior of Smooth Muscle Cells under Hypoxic Conditions: Possible Implications on the Varicose Vein Endothelium.

    BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL . 2018: 7156150-7156150. Number of citations: 3