Diabetes, Obesity and Human Reproduction

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  • Gómez-Martin JM, Aracil E, Insenser M, de la Peña G, Lasunción MA, Galindo J, Escobar-Morreale HF, Balsa JA, Botella-Carretero JI.

    Changes in Soluble TWEAK Concentrations, but Not Those in Amyloid-ß(1-40), Are Associated with a Decrease in Carotid Intima-Media Thickness after Bariatric Surgery in Obese Women.

    Obesity Facts . : 1-10.


  • Araujo-Castro M, Pascual-Corrales E, Martínez-Vaello V, Baonza Saiz G, Quiñones de Silva J, Acitores Cancela A, García Cano AM, Rodríguez Berrocal V.

    Predictive model of surgical remission in acromegaly: age, presurgical GH levels and Knosp grade as the best predictors of surgical remission.



  • Luque-Ramírez M, Nattero-Chávez L, Ortiz Flores AE, Escobar-Morreale HF.

    Combined oral contraceptives and/or antiandrogens versus insulin sensitizers for polycystic ovary syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

    HUMAN REPRODUCTION UPDATE . 24(2): 225-241. Number of citations: 2


  • Araujo-Castro M, Pascual-Corrales E, Martínez San Millan JS, Rebolleda G, Pian H, Ruz-Caracuel I, De Los Santos Granados G, Ley Urzaiz L, Escobar-Morreale HF, Rodríguez Berrocal V.

    Postoperative management of patients with pituitary tumors submitted to pituitary surgery. Experience of a Spanish Pituitary Tumor Center of Excellence.

    Endocrine . : .


  • Araujo-Castro M, Berrocal VR, Pascual-Corrales E.

    Pituitary tumors: epidemiology and clinical presentation spectrum.



  • Moncayo S, Insenser M, Martínez-García MÁ, Fuertes-Martín R, Amigó-Grau N, Álvarez-Blasco F, Luque-Ramírez M, Correig-Blanchar X, Escobar-Morreale HF.

    Acute-phase glycoprotein profile responses to different oral macronutrient challenges: Influence of sex, functional hyperandrogenism and obesity.