Diabetes, Obesity and Human Reproduction

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  • Albanell J, González A, Ruiz-Borrego M, Alba E, García-Saenz JA, Corominas JM, Burgues O, Furio V, Rojo A, Palacios J, Bermejo B, Martínez-García M, Limon ML, Muñoz AS, Martín M, Tusquets I, Rojo F, Colomer R, Faull I, Lluch A.

    Prospective transGEICAM study of the impact of the 21-gene Recurrence Score assay and traditional clinicopathological factors on adjuvant clinical decision making in women with estrogen receptor-positive (ER plus ) node-negative breast cancer

    ANNALS OF ONCOLOGY . 23(3): 625-631. Number of citations: 88


  • Savio AS, Acosta OR, Pérez HG, Alvarez YR, Chico A, Pérez HG, Ojeda MO, Aguero CA, Estévez M, Nieto GG.

    Enhancement of the inhibitory effect of an IL-15 antagonist peptide by alanine scanning

    JOURNAL OF PEPTIDE SCIENCE . 18(1): 25-29. Number of citations: 7


  • Insenser M, Escobar-Morreale HF.

    Application of proteomics to the study of polycystic ovary syndrome

    JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION . 34(11): 869-875. Number of citations: 6


  • Álvarez-Blasco F, Luque-Ramírez M, Escobar-Morreale HF.

    Diet composition and physical activity in overweight and obese premenopausal women with or without polycystic ovary syndrome

    GYNECOLOGICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY . 27(12): 978-981. Number of citations: 19


  • Araña Rosaínz Mde J, Ojeda MO, Acosta JR, Elías-Calles LC, González NO, Herrera OT, García Álvarez CT, Rodríguez EM, Báez ME, Seijas EÁ, Valdés RF.

    Imbalanced Low-Grade Inflammation and Endothelial Activation in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Erectile Dysfunction

    JOURNAL OF SEXUAL MEDICINE . 8(7): 2017-2030. Number of citations: 43


  • Escobar-Morreale HF, Luque-Ramírez M.

    Role of androgen-mediated enhancement of erythropoiesis in the increased body iron stores of patients with polycystic ovary syndrome

    FERTILITY AND STERILITY . 95(5): 1730-255. Number of citations: 7


  • Escobar-Morreale HF, Luque-Ramírez M, González F.

    Circulating inflammatory markers in polycystic ovary syndrome: a systematic review and metaanalysis

    FERTILITY AND STERILITY . 95(3): 1048-249. Number of citations: 211


  • Ojeda Ojeda M, Larrondo Muguercia H, Magdariaga Figuerola A, Sánchez Valdivia A, Rodríguez Alonso I, Valenzuela Silva C, García Iglesias E, Domínguez Alonso E, Buurman WA, Araña Rosaínz Mde J.

    Temporal trends of circulating nitric oxide and pro-inflammatory cytokine responses ex vivo in intra-abdominal sepsis: results from a cohort study

    INFLAMMATION RESEARCH . 60(3): 289-297. Number of citations: 5


  • Luque-Ramírez M, Álvarez-Blasco F, Alpañés M, Escobar-Morreale HF.

    Role of Decreased Circulating Hepcidin Concentrations in the Iron Excess of Women with the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM . 96(3): 846-852. Number of citations: 26


  • Alvarez-Blasco F, Luque-Ramírez M, Escobar-Morreale HF.

    Obesity impairs general health-related quality of life (HR-QoL) in premenopausal women to a greater extent than polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

    CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY . 73(5): 595-601. Number of citations: 11


  • Luque-Ramírez M, Alpañés M, Escobar-Morreale HF.

    The determinants of insulin sensitivity, beta-cell function, and glucose tolerance are different in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome than in women who do not have hyperandrogenism

    FERTILITY AND STERILITY . 94(6): 2214-2221. Number of citations: 27


  • Balsa JA, Iglesias B, Peromingo R, Conde S, Vazquez C, San-Millan JL, Botella-Carretero JI.

    Vitamin D Receptor Polymorphisms in Secondary Hyperparathyroidism After Scopinaro's Biliopancreatic Diversion

    OBESITY SURGERY . 20(10): 1415-1421. Number of citations: 8


  • Luque-Ramírez M, Escobar-Morreale HF.

    Treatment of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) with Metformin Ameliorates Insulin Resistance in Parallel with the Decrease of Serum Interleukin-6 Concentrations

    HORMONE AND METABOLIC RESEARCH . 42(11): 815-820. Number of citations: 32


  • Insenser M, Martínez-García M, Nieto RM, San-Millán JL, Escobar-Morreale HF.

    Impact of the storage temperature on human plasma proteomic analysis: Implications for the use of human plasma collections in research

    PROTEOMICS CLINICAL APPLICATIONS . 4(8-9): 739-744. Number of citations: 13


  • Insenser M, Martínez-García MA, Montes R, San-Millán JL, Escobar-Morreale HF.

    Proteomic Analysis of Plasma in the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Identifies Novel Markers Involved in Iron Metabolism, Acute-Phase Response, and Inflammation

    JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM . 95(8): 3863-3870. Number of citations: 38


  • Wild RA, Carmina E, Diamanti-Kandarakis E, Dokras A, Escobar-Morreale HF, Futterweit W, Lobo R, Norman RJ, Talbott E, Dumesic DA.

    Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Women with the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: A Consensus Statement by the Androgen Excess and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (AE-PCOS) Society

    JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM . 95(5): 2038-2049. Number of citations: 561


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  • Araujo-Castro M, Pascual-Corrales E, Acitores Cancela A, García Duque S, Ley Urzaiz L, Rodríguez Berrocal V.

    Status and clinical and radiological predictive factors of presurgical anterior pituitary function in pituitary adenomas. Study of 232 patients.

    Endocrine . : .