Photobiology and Bioelectromagnetism


Mª Luisa Hernández Bule


  • Equipment

    For Bioelectromagnetism tests:

    • Stimulators - signal generators in the range of extremely low frequencies (ELF) to radio frequencies (RF).
    • Helmholtz coils for in vitro study of magnetic fields.
    • CO2 incubators for in vitro exposure, equipped with a shielding chamber against ELF electromagnetic environmental contamination.
    • Exposure systems for in vitro RF stimulation.
    • Waveguides for in vitro exposure to microwaves (MW).
    • Laboratories equipped to evaluate cellular and molecular response to radiation exposure in the ELF - RF range.
    • Anechoic chamber for rodent exposure to radiofrequencies up to 10 GHz, located in the animal house.
    • EMDEX II personal dosimeters for frequency fields between 40 Hz and 0.8 GHz.

    For Photobiology assays:

    • Exposure systems for in vitro stimulation with wavelengths in the visible spectrum (blue: 448 nm; green: 530 nm; red: 655 nm) and ultraviolet (UVA: 365 nm and UVB: 312 nm).
    • Solar simulator for in vitro stimulation.
    • Laboratories equipped for exposure and assessment of cellular and molecular response to radiation in the range between visible and UV light.
    • Radiometers for infrared, visible light and ultraviolet wavelengths (between 260 nm and 1100 nm).
  • Services
    • Characterization of in vivo and in vitro biological responses to electric fields and currents, ELF magnetic fields, non-ionizing radiation (ELF-MW), radiation in the visible spectrum and ultraviolet radiation.- Dosimetry of electromagnetic fields in the ELF - RF range.- Infrared, visible and ultraviolet light radiometry.- Transmitted light quantification tests.
    • In vitro studies of photoprotection against ultraviolet and visible light radiation.- Advice on photoprotection in the workplace and environment.- Consultancy on safety and protection against NIR- Isolation and maintenance of cell cultures (fibroblasts, dermal papilla cells, stem cells) from biopsies.- Biomarker assessment by enzyme-linked immunoadsorbent assay (ELISA), immunoblot, immunofluorescence and fluorescence microscopy.
    • Genotyping- PCR techniques- Handling of experimental animals
    • Processing of biological samples by cryostat, histology and immunohistology techniques.
  • Service portfolio and prices

    **Consult prices with the unit

    Research studies in non-ionizing and ultraviolet radiation.

    • Characterization of in vitro or in vivo biological responses to electrical or magnetic stimuli in the ELF - RF range generated by industrial equipment or for use in medical therapies.
    • Characterization of in vitro biological responses to visible light or ultraviolet radiation due to environmental exposures to sunlight or use in medical therapies.
    • In vivo research studies to RF stimuli: use of anechoic chamber.

    Consulting on safety and protection against NIR in residential or occupational environments and drafting of NIR safety expert reports.

    • Expert and safety report, based on reports, technical data, dosimetric and other types of data, provided by the contractor with optimization proposal, if applicable. Advice to public institutions and companies for the application of NIR protection measures established by current regulations.