Translational individualised medicine: inflammation and cancer

2019 Activity indicators

  • 12 publications.
  • IF: 58.55.
  • Publications in  D1: 2 (17%).
  • Publications in Q1&Q2: 10 (83%).
  • 1 supervised read thesis.


  1. Herrero Fernández M, Molina Villaverde R, Arroyo Yustos M, et al. The Off-Label Use of Antineoplastics in Oncology Is Limited But Has Notable Scientific Support in a University Hospital Setting. Front Pharmacol. 2019;10:1210. Published 2019 Oct 23. doi:10.3389/fphar.2019.01210. IF: 3.845. Q1.
  2. Alvarez-Mon MA, Gómez AM, Orozco A, et al. Abnormal Distribution and Function of Circulating Monocytes and Enhanced Bacterial Translocation in Major Depressive Disorder. Front Psychiatry. 2019;10:812. Published 2019 Nov 15. doi:10.3389/fpsyt.2019.00812. IF: 3.161 Q2.
  3. Monserrat J, Bohórquez C, Gómez Lahoz AM, et al. The Abnormal CD4+T Lymphocyte Subset Distribution and Vbeta Repertoire in New-onset Rheumatoid Arthritis Can Be Modulated by Methotrexate Treament. Cells. 2019;8(8):871. Published 2019 Aug 10. doi:10.3390/cells8080871. IF: 4.829. Q2.
  4. Pereira-Sanchez V, Alvarez-Mon MA, Asunsolo Del Barco A, Alvarez-Mon M, Teo A. Exploring the Extent of the Hikikomori Phenomenon on Twitter: Mixed Methods Study of Western Language Tweets. J Med Internet Res. 2019;21(5):e14167. Published 2019 May 29. doi:10.2196/14167. IF: 4.945 Q1/D1.
  5. Thesis: "Social consideration of mental illness and pathogenic implications of the system immuno/inflamatory in major depression". PhD: Miguel Ángel Álvarez de Mon.