Physiotherapy in Women's Health Research Group

The group's mission is to promote the growth of physiotherapy in women's health, promoting beneficial behaviors in the health and well-being of women with the vision of being the benchmark in Physiotherapy in Women's Health. The values of the FPSM Research Group are commitment, trust and innovation with the purpose of transferring clinical research in women's health to society, making it accessible to all women.

The main lines of research are developed within two large sections, the clinical section (physiotherapy in physiological processes such as pregnancy and menopause, and in pathophysiological processes, such as pelvic floor dysfunctions, oncological conditions and their different sequelae, and pain in women) and the educational section (therapeutic and health education, teaching innovation and service learning).

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  • Identify and develop diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for secondary pelvic floor dysfunctions to female oncological processes, especially in women treated for breast cancer or gynecological cancer.
  • Design and evaluate therapeutic interventions for the prevention and treatment of Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause.
  • Design and evaluate therapeutic interventions for the prevention and treatment of chronic pelvic pain.
  • Develope educational programs for the prevention and/or treatment of pelvic floor dysfunctions, pelvic pain processes and other sequelae that may be associated with female cancer processes.
  • Validate self-complete questionnaires for the knowledge and objectification of the signs, symptoms, and quality of life of Spanish women with pelvic floor dysfunctions.


  • Evaluation of conservative and invasive therapies in genitourinary syndrome of menopause.
  • Development of health educational programs for the prevention and/or management of medical treatments related sequelae for female cancers.
  • Validation of PRO questionnaires.


Physiotherapy in Women's Health (FPSM) Research Group

Physiotherapy Department

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

University of Alcalá

28805 Madrid, Spain


Physiotherapy, women´s health; pelvic floor disorders; breast cancer; genitourinary syndrome of menopause; gynecological cancer; pelvic pain; therapeutic exercise; validation of questionnaires