Biomarkers and Personalized Approach to Cancer Group (BioPAC)

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Strategic objectives

  • Actively participate in national and international networks and projects in the cancer field, with a focus on the biology of cancer stem cells and the tumour microenvironment.
  • Develop new technologies and systems for personalised medicine focused on the identification of drugs that eliminate cancer stem cells.
  • Reinforce alliances and collaborations between the business, academic and public health sectors.
  • Drive scientific and technological excellence at European level by constituting a fundamental frame of reference in cancer-based studies.

Research lines

  • Identification and characterisation of new biomarkers for the detection of CSCs in different solid tumours.
  • Identification of key proteins to develop and/or maintain the phenotype of CSCs, which includes characteristics such as pluripotency, epithelium-mesenchymal transition (EMT), oxidative phosphorylation  or chemoresistance.
  • Characterisation of the cell niche and the tumour microenvironment that surrounds the CSCs and the communication between both.
  • Development of the liquid biopsy for the isolation of blood cancer stem cells for their characterisation and validation as an early cancer detection marker.
  • Development of a platform to evaluate the chemosensitivity of cancer stem cells to drugs for application in personalised medicine.


 Faculty of Medicine

 Laboratory B33/B35
 Madrid Autonomous University
 +34 91 497 54 20

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cancer stem cells, tumour microenvironment, tumour associated macrophages, ductal pancreatic adenocarcinoma, chemoresistance, mitochondrial respiration, oncolytic viruses