Research Ethics Committee (REC)

The Research Ethics Committee (REC) of the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital is an independent, multidisciplinary body.

Its main objective is to ensure the protection of the rights, safety and welfare of subjects participating in a biomedical research project and to provide public assurance in this respect by issuing an opinion on the relevant research project documentation, taking into account the views of lay persons, in particular patients, or patient organisations.

Research Ethics Committee for Medicinal Products -CEIm-

Research Ethics Committee accredited in accordance with the terms of RD 1090/2015 to issue an opinion in a clinical study with medicinal products and in a clinical investigation with medical devices. 

In order to be accredited, the IRB/IEC must have a professional and stable technical secretariat integrated into the organisation chart of the institution to which it is attached or of its support institutions.

The CEIm of the Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal provides the following contact information:

Administrative contact staf

Mariano Sánchez (Head)
Ana Castro

Telephone/ Fax: 91 336 83 22

E-mail: ceic.hrc(ELIMINAR)
Opening hours: Office L-V 09:00-14:00

Head of the CEIm Technical Secretariat

Dra. Itziar de Pablo López de Abechuco -Clinical Pharmacologist-
Email: itziar.pablo(ELIMINAR)

Link to the CEI website with information, among others, on the External Biobank Committee, SOPs and documentation to download.

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