Innovation Committee

The Innovation Committee is an advisory body on innovation matters for the Governing Council, which approves strategic innovation actions and monitors the Innovation Management System (SGInn). It participates in certain points of the Innovation process, for example: approving protection strategies that involve expenditure for the FIBIOHRC, knowing the status of projects, monitoring and evaluating the annual activity of the Innovation Unit (IU) and agreeing and approving an Annual Innovation Plan based on this monitoring and establishing the Improvement Actions of the SGInn. 


  • Defining and approving strategic lines and innovation policy
  • Approve procedures, improvements
  • Advising the Governing Board on innovation matters
  • Approval, definition and revision of the IMSInn
  • Assigning the Innovation Director

It is made up of the Director of Innovation, the Director of the FIBioHRC and the Scientific Director of the IRYCIS, plus other members of the IRYCIS who may be invited by the above depending on the nature of the projects and plans to be evaluated.