Delegate Commission

It is the executive governing body of the IRYCIS.


  • To review the annual operational programmes and annual activity reports of the IRYCIS. 
  • To study the budgets, the statement of accounts and other mandatory reports. 
  • To evaluate the execution and operability of IRYCIS activities. 
  • To annually review the mechanisms for integrating the different entities that make up the IRYCIS. 
  • To review the management system, activities and results. 
  • Approve the improvement actions proposed for the IRYCIS. 
  • It may request and will be informed of the evaluation of the groups or researchers of the associated entities. 
  • Any other powers delegated to it by the Governing Board.



D. Juan José Equiza Escudero 
Managing Director. Ramón y Cajal University Hospital. 
President of the FIBioHRC. Madrid.

IRYCIS Director

Dra. María Laura García Bermejo
Senior researcher.
Chair of the Commission of Research.


Appointed by the Managing Director of the Hospital from among the members of the Governing Council

Dr. Rafael Cantón Moreno
Head of the Microbiology Service. Ramón y Cajal University Hospital. 

Dr. Fernando Liaño García
President of the Research Commission of the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital.
Emeritus Researcher. 

Appointed by the Rector of the UAH from among the members of the Governing Council.
Professor Agustín Albillos Martínez
Full Professor 
Deputy Director of the Department of Medicine and Specialities.
University of Alcalá


Dña. Laura Barreales Tolosa
Director of the FIBioHRC