Research, Development and Innovation Office

Its general mission is the promotion, measurement, protection and transfer of knowledge, research and innovation, as well as business development.

Functions (including, but not limited to):

  • Related to scientific development and research results:
    • Collection, interpretation and channelling of calls and relevant factors for research.
    • Guidance and support in the preparation, presentation and justification of projects, consortiums and scientific alliances. Management of special projects.
    • Internationalisation, quality programmes and other specific programs.
    • Support for obtaining research resources. Business development.
    • Bibliometrics. Recording, analysis and reporting of the research activity. Accreditation.
    • State of science. Knowledge databases, evaluation and technical-scientific reports.
    • Link and support of scientific bodies of IRYCIS.
  • Related to protection of knowledge, translation and innovation:
    • Identification, channelling, protection and transfer of knowledge and innovation.
    • Networks and alliances for research and innovation. Search for funds, business plans, investee companies and other interests in knowledge.
    • Management of patents and intellectual and industrial property.
    • Support of the Innovation Committee.

Both Innovation Unit and Data Science Unit are attached to the Research, Development and Innovation Office.

Diego Velasco

Diego Velasco

Office Head

Email: dvelasco(ELIMINAR)

Tel: +34 91 336 9132