Innovation unit

Transfer projects

New tool based on microbiote for the screening on anal cancer in patients with HIVMicrobiology, immunology and infection
Synapses modulatorsNeuroscience and sense organs
Method for the prognosis of efficacy of oral immunotherapy in children allergic to cow's milk proteinsCardiometabolism and systems patology
Harness to the movement of patients with reduced mobilityOthers
Body immobilizer for SBRT of abdominal tumorsOthers
Biomarkers to identify good responders to Tecfidera in MSNeuroscience and sense organs
New AI system to predict degree of adherence to the treatment with oral antineoplastic agentsOthers
Virtual reality application for the treament of heminegligenciesOthers
Support to renal ultrasound images interpretation based on AIOthers
New mutations on Smad3 gene related to Parkinson disease and dementiaNeuroscience and sense organs
Therapeutic diaphragm for laser and cryotherapy treatmentsNeuroscience and sensory organs
Probes to detect different variants of HIV-1Microbiology, immunology and infection
Teledermatology. Support system between primare care and specialized medicineNeuroscience and sense organs

Licensed, commercialized and in-use projects

Aptamers as modulators of TLR-4Epidemiology and health technology
Otoarray diagnostic panel of hereditary hearing lossOthers
Method for predict the response to INFb in subjects with multiple sclerosisNeuroscience and sense organs
Database for receptors of renal transplantOthers
Program for on paralell calculation of dose and safety in high dose brachytherapyOthers
Support to diagnosis of pulmonary thromboembolism in real timeOthers
Automatic codification system to support the admission departmentOthers
Esteronitrones for the prevention and treatmen of isquemic strokeNeuroscience and sense organs
Antimicrobiane tratment guideMicrobiology, immunology and infection
Compositions and technologies to promote cutaneous regenerationNeuroscience and sense organs
Specific aptamers against MNK1 and their use in breast cancerEpidemiology and Health Technologies
Set of samples and prognosis tables from patients with cancer and trombotic riskOthers
Database of hereditary hearing loss for the design of new therapiesOthers
Sequencing platform of antimicrobiane resistomeMicrobiology, immunology and infection