The FIBioHRC has sent the formal request for evaluation of its HRS4R

The FIBioHRC has sent the formal request for the evaluation of its adherence strategy to the Charter & Code

The Biomedical Research Foundation of the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital (FIBioHRC), as the management body of the Ramón y Cajal Health Research Institute, IRYCIS, started last October the process established by the European Commission to obtain the "Human Resources Award" accreditation, in accordance with the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers ("Charter & Code")

Throughout these months FIBioHRC has sent a survey to all its employees with the idea of knowing their perception regarding the level of adherence to the Charter & Code. The results of this survey were analyzed by a working group, made up of representatives of all the employees, who made a diagnosis that has allowed the design of an Action Plan to be developed over the next few years

At the end all the documentation has been sent to EURAXESS, in order the Foundation's HRS4R human resources strategy can be evaluated. 

If a positive evaluation is received, FIBioHRC will obtain the European “HR Award”. Now it only remains to continue with the implementation of the HRS4R strategy and undergo the process of continuous evaluation by the Commission for the renewal of this recognition of excellence.