​The canSERV Consortium is pleased to announce the launch of its        3rd Challenge-Driven Call on "Revolutionising Cancer Patient Care: Innovative Approaches to Research and Clinical Trials for Improved Treatment Outcomes". Cancer Researchers world-wide are invited        to apply for free access to cutting-edge transnational services with      an indicative overall budget for this call of EUR 600,000. The primary objective of this call is to improving treatment and patients' outcome through innovative ways to address clinical trials and research.

Topics (choosing one of them):

1. Tailoring research to address the different age groups, paediatric patients, and elderly patients, to ensure optimal treatment outcomes across diverse populations.

2. Designing and developing improved clinical trials to address diverse populations and expanding the scope to incorporate broader representation of patients from EU, including efforts to match control groups, thus advancing trial efficiency and equity in treatment access.


Your research project:

  • Should address one of the two topics of the Challenge-driven call.
  • Should include at minimum 2 services from the canSERV catalogue. Training is considered as separate, additional service.
  • Your requested services timeline should fall within the canSERV project's duration FAQ Section "Time frames for the service provision"

For this call, you should:

  • Be part of one of next groups: researchers based in european and non-european countries, academic institutes, biotech/pharmaceutical SMEs, groups of scientists, networks and consortia from public and private entities.
  • Select at minimum 2 services you would like to use from the catalogue.
  • Choose only services that are provided in a different country where you, or the majority of your research group, are based. 
  • Agree that data generated from the chosen services will comply with FAIR principles (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable) making it available to other researchers while allowing        for IP protection (in line with the EU's open science policy).


The application will be made through the application platform (see link).

For more information visit the links below available.


From to

(IRYCIS deadline)

Funding bodycanSERV

Funding600.000 euros

Contact details

Ana Moreno: ambofarull(ELIMINAR) / 91 336 9016

Clara López: clmontero(ELIMINAR) / 91 336 9184