Oligoclonal bands determination


Luisa María Villar Guimerans

  • Equipment
    • Flow cytometer with several BD lasers
  • Highlights
    • In 2014, the research group led by Dr. Villar developed a combination of biomarkers that predict the response to treatment with IFNb for multiple sclerosis (ME). These biomarkers are protected by an international patent application PCT/ EP2015/066163.
    • Several systems to identify the prognosis and response to the treatment of MS are under development.
    • Platform for training of professionals from others centers to manage these techniques are under development.
  • Service portfolio

    Determination of oligoclonal bands (OCB)

    • Quantification of immunoglobulins and serum albumin and CSF
    • Determination of IgG OCB
    • Determination of total IgM OCB
    • Determination of lipid-specific IgM OCB **

    * For the provision of these services, the Unit will provide the petitioner with an application form that must be completed.

    ** If only the latter service is required, the petitioner must provide the results of the previous tests.