Ana Mª Torres Redondo


  • Sonia Camaño (Coordinadora de la UCA)
  • Bárbara Luna (Responsable de laboratorio)
  • Lorien Soto (Técnico de laboratorio)
  • Estrella Monroy (Técnico de laboratorio)



Telf 1: 91 336 80 00 Extensión: 7955
Telf 2: 91 336 90 75

Planta -4 derecha

Más información Biobanco HRC/More information

  • Equipment
    • Freezers -80ºC and -20º.
    • Temperature control systems and alarm control.
    • Liquid nitrogen tanks.
    • TRACKER two-dimensional code reader of the sample storage tubes.
    • Cell culture room.
    • Automatic cell counter (ADAM-MC) Nucleic acid extraction (QuickGene Mini)
    • DNA quantification (Scan-Drop, nano-volume spectrophotometer, 16 channels) Thermocycler.
    • Refrigerated centrifuges.
    • Web application for the registration and exploitation of samples, and for the management of warehouse space (Bio-e-bank, VITRO)
    • Automatic alicuotador.
    • Integrity of nucleic acids (Bioanalyzer Agilent2100)
  • Sample collection (N= 64)

    The sample collection catalogue contains the following information of each collection: associated pathology, number of cases, type of samples, extraction times, processing conditions, inclusion criteria, depositary and status of active / inactive recruitment.


    I.- Kidney Diseases

    • Renal failure in cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass
    • Acute renal failure
    • Donors with expanded criteria and kidney transplant recipients
    • Kidney transplant recipients
    • Chronic and acute kidney disease
    • Glomerular kidney pathology
    • Predisposition to acute renal failure associated with cardiac surgery
    • Acute renal failure associated with HIV
    • Membranous Glomerulonephritis

    II.- Oncological Diseases

    • Tumor bank of tissue samples included in OCT
    • Cancer pretreatment and pre surgery
    • Assessment of family or hereditary cancer (cases and healthy)
    • Pre-colonoscopy (early detection of colorectal cancer)
    • Colorectal cancer
    • Pituitary tumors
    • Pancreatic cancer (familial and sporadic) and high-risk cases
    • Pre transplantation of hematopoietic progenitors
    • Breast cancer
    • Lung cancer (I)
    • Lung cancer (II)
    • Lung cancer (III)
    • Renal cell cancer
    • Digestive tumors
    • Breast cancer and associated risk factors
    • Microbiota transplantation in advanced lung cancer treated with immunotherapy
    • Study of the intestinal microbiota in patients with lung cancer and their cohabiting relatives

    III.- Metabolic diseases

    • Bone metabolic diseases
    • Diabetes mellitus type 2
    • Obesity (I)
    • Obesity (II)
    • Hemochromatosis

    IV.- Cardiovascular diseases

    • Pulmonary thromboembolism
    • Coronary artery disease
    • Suspicion of acute myocardial infarction
    • Family heart disease and cardiomyopathies
    • Acute myocardial infarction
    • Acute coronary syndrome in patients under 55 years
    • Chronic heart failure
    • Intervention on isolated tricuspid insufficiency
    • Mastocyte activation in acute coronary syndrome
    • Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia
    • Giant cell arteritis

    V.- Liver Diseases

    • Chronic liver disease
    • Vascular liver disease

    VI.-Neurological diseases

    • Huntington's disease
    • Ictus
    • Neurodegeneratives
    • Hereditary Spastic Paraparesis/Ataxia

    VII.- Dermatological Diseases

    • Frontal fibrosing alopecia and decalvating folliculitis
    • Total or universal alopecia areata
    • Subclinical atherosclerosis in patients with atopic dermatitis

    VIII.- Multi-organic failure

    • Multi-organic failure

    IX.- Infectious diseases

    • Severe sepsis
    • COVID-19

    X.- Rare diseases

    • Splenomegalies and thrombopenias
    • Cystic fibrosis

    XI.- Systemic and autoimmune diseases

    • Systemic and autoimmune diseases

    XII.- Controls

    • Blood bank donors
    • Non-tumoral donors
  • Noteworthy

    The biobank makes the biological material required for research available to the scientific community in optimal conditions that ensure the competitiveness and excellence of the research. It also offers technical support for the treatment of samples for projects that need it. The Biobank's activity is characterised by:

    • Process control: Quality Management System in accordance with Standard ISO 9001:2008
    • A guarantee of quality, security and traceability of the data and biological samples stored, as well as the procedures associated with the biobank's operation via good practice and suitable methodologies.
    • Comply with the applicable legislation and regulations, and paying special attention to the rights of the source subjects/donors, and obtaining the informed consent.
    • Management of samples and associated data through VITRO's IT application Bio-e-Bank, which has a high level of security conditions in accordance with the Data Protection Act (LOPD).
    • Recording of the preanalytical conditions of the samples (SPREC International Code).
    • Warehouse security: restricted access, continuous temperature recording (SIRIUS), telephone alarms in the case of a power cut and temperature increases of freezers (ZETRON), CO2 backups, remote access to the alarm management device, preferential line connected to generator set, cold store, etc.
  • Service portfolio and prices


                  DESCRIPTION AND FEE


    The expenses of PRODUCTION (deposit management, reception, processing, computer registration of samples and minimum associated data and storage) and SUPPLY (management of the request, search, selection, preparation of samples and minimum associated data, management of assignment agreement and preparation of the shipment) are affected. Transportation of the samples is not included.




    Aliquot Serum (250 µl) 9.44 € 12.83 € 16.68 €
    Aliquot Plasma EDTA (250 µl) 9.41 € 12.79 € 16.63 €
    Aliquot Blood EDTA without plasma (250 µl) 9.41 € 12.79 € 16.63 €
    Aliquot Plasma CITRATE (250 µl) 9.42 € 12.81 € 16.65 €
    Mononuclear cells (dry FICOLL pellet of 2 ml of blood) 11.01 € 14.68 € 19.08 €
    Aliquot Urine (250 µl) or Sediment (10 ml of urine) 9.59 € 13.01 € 16.91 €
    * For more information on other services related to the preparation of human biological samples, please contact the Biobank.

    Based on the technical and training possibilities of the staff of the Biobank, other support services can be carried out for interested researchers, including:

    • Technical support for the processing and preservation of samples prior to analysis in a project. 
    • Management of national and international samples shipments.
    • Management of CRFs associated with the project samples. Web application with personalized online access to enter data.
    • Preservation of samples with temperature recording and alarm controls. Available -20ºC, -80ºC and N2L.
    • Training in bioethical issues, management and organization of biobanks.
    • Consultancy on the management of human biological samples and implementation of a Quality Management System.
    • Use of available infrastructures of the Biobank (cell culture room, equipment, etc.)