CeBIL Annual Symposium 2022 - Intellectual Property & Drug Repurposing: New Frontiers

Modern drug development is hindered by high costs and research that takes over a decade. Repurposing is a potential solution to these problems because it is cheaper, faster and safer than developing new compounds. However, some organisations avoid repurposing, pointing to gaps in patent and pharmaceutical law that make it financially unviable.

This Symposium will examine new empirical data on patent protection and market authorisations, showing more activity than first thought. It will also discuss two new government repurposing programmes launched in the UK and EU. These programmes are in pilot phases and aim to pursue authorisations for repurposing by working with organisations throughout the industry, especially public-sector researchers that develop clinical data.

The Symposium will feature leaders from the UK and EU programmes, foremost experts on patent strategy and policy, as well as thought leaders, and decision makers from industry (originators and generics).

The 2022 CeBIL Symposium is organised by the University of Cambridge's Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences (LML) in combination with the Centre for Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law (CeBIL) at the University of Copenhagen. The Symposium is generously supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

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University of Cambridge & University of Copenhagen


16 de septiembre de 2022