The ERA-NET TRANSCAN-3, in continuity of the preceding ERA-NET TRANSCAN-2, has the goal of coordinating national and regional funding programmes for research in the area of translational cancer research. The specific challenge is to promote a transnational collaborative approach between scientific teams in demanding areas of translational cancer research while avoiding the duplication of efforts and ensuring a more efficient use of available resources, to produce significant results of higher quality and impact, and share data and infrastructures.


You can consult the requirements of the call and a summary of the eligibility criteria an outline of eligibility criteria. They will be further detailed when the JTC 2023 is published.


The TRANSCAN-3 JTC 2023 will be implemented through a two-stage submission procedure: pre-proposals and full proposals.

The call is planned to be launched on May 9th 2023 with a submission deadline for pre-proposals in July 2023. It is expected that consortia invited to the full-proposal stage will be asked to submit their proposal in December 2023.

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