The Accelerator Award enables translational research by funding cross-institutional teams to produce tools, platforms and resources which will transform the research landscape.

Scientific remit

The purpose of the Accelerator Award is to enable progress in translational cancer research through the development of tools, platforms and skills that form the foundations of such research. We fund ambitious programmes which typically have multiple strands. These may include:

  • Producing datasets, tissue banks, cell lines or models
  • Developing methods, protocols, software and standards
  • Training, skills and knowledge sharing

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What is funded

We provide funding of up to £1m per year, for up to 5 years, which can support:

  • Technical staff
  • Project management staff
  • Academic appointments
  • Consumables
  • Equipment
  • Training and PhD studentships
  • Networking costs
  • Patient involvement costs

Please note that €2m is the maximum amount across 5 years that can be received by Spanish researchers participating in a consortium from FC AECC.

Key dates:

Call opens: 2 March 2020

EOI deadline:  6 May 2020

Triage meeting: 23-24 June 2020

Full application deadline:  October 2020

Committee meeting: January 2021

Announcement of awards:  Summer 2021


Applications for the accelerator award are invited annually. To apply, you first need to submit an expression of interest. If successful, we'll then help you develop your proposal and team further, with seed funding and collaboration facilitation, before you submit a full application.

NOTA A FECHA 03/04/2020:

Después de estudiar el impacto que la pandemia del COVID-19 está teniendo en la sociedad, los pacientes con cáncer y la comunidad científica, las tres entidades financiadoras han aprobado un aplazamiento de aproximadamente 6 meses para la presentación de solicitudes en la convocatoria abierta de Accelerator Award.

Esperan que con este aplazamiento  hasta otoño 2020 en la fecha de cierre de los EOIs ( confirmaremos más adelante la fecha exacta) permita que los distintos equipos puedan preparar sus solicitudes una vez el estado de alerta haya finalizado.

FC AECC, CRUK y AIRC son conscientes de que la situación está en constante cambio, por lo que revisarán en 3 meses el estado de la ciencia en los tres países para acordar una fecha de cierre de la convocatoria, que comunicaremos, y asegurarán de que tengan el tiempo suficiente para desarrollar las propuestas antes del cierre de la misma.


Del al

(Plazos IRYCIS)


Cuantía£1m per year, for up to 5 years

Datos de contacto

Ana Moreno: ambofarull(ELIMINAR) / 91 336 9016

Laura Barreales: laura.barreales(ELIMINAR) / 91 336 8964

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