Bioinformatics Unit


Val Fernández Lanza

  • Equipment
    • Cluster 32 cores, 512Gb RAM
    • 2 x Management Node
    • 40 Tb of storage
    • 4 x Workstation (4x2 cores, 16Gb RAM)
    • 1 x Workstation (10 x 2 cores, 96Gb RAM)
    • 10Gb fiber optic network
    • 100Mb broadband internet
  • Noteworthy

    The UCA-Bioinfo has a main computing cluster with 32 cpu-cores and 526Gb of RAM memory. It also has a 40Tb storage cabin and a broadband Internet connection with a dedicated fiber optic.

    • All the IRYCIS PIs can request a free account in the server.
    • All the accounts of internal IRYCIS personnel include, free of charge: 400 core hours of computing per month and 1TB of storage.
    • Discounts are not cumulative between different account of the same PI.
    • Each IRYCIS IP has the right to a one account with these discounts, and any extra account requested will share the discount of the main account.
  • Services

    The objective of the UCA-Bioinfo is to provide support to all "omic" studies, as well as support with the analysis of the biomedical data of IRYCIS researchers. It also offers computer support and data storage to those projects or studies that require a high computer demand.

    • Computing
    • Storage
    • Slot Ingenuity rental
    • Advice/analysis services
    • Access to and assistance at REDCap