Alberto Alcázar


Emma Martínez Alonso

  • Equipment
    • MS / MS mass spectrometer with MALDI source, Autoflex III MALDITOF / TOF by Broker.
    • Agilent A1100 HPLC high resolution chromatography equipment with diode array detector.
    • High resolution biocompatible chromatography equipment with UV, FPLC detector from GE Healthcare.
    • Two-dimensional IEF and 2D electrophoresis equipment for DIGE analysis with a power supply and thermoregulator, IPGphor and Ettan from GE Healthcare.
    • Work cabin in a sterile environment, Bio4600 from BioSan.
  • Service portfolio and prices

    **Consult prices with the unit

    Determination of molecular masses of peptides and proteins (MS-MALDI-TOF)

    Protein identification

    • MS-MS / MS MALDITOF / TOF Coomasie / Sypro peptide footprint
    • Digestion + MALDITOF-MS analysis + database search

    Protein identification

    • Identification of LC-MALDI TOF / TOF proteins


    • 1D Minigel SDS-PAGE Electrophoresis
    • 1D Electrophoresis SDS-PAGE gel
    • 1D Electrophoresis IEF strips
    • 2D Electrophoresis, staining and scanning

    Differential proteomics

    • 2D-DIGE
    • Image analysis


    • Colloidal Coomassie Blue, gel
    • Silver nitrate gel
    • Fluorescent Staining

    Gel scan