Confocal microscopy


Eulalia Bazán Izquierdo

Diana Reimers Cerdá

  • Equipment
    • Nikon ECLIPSE Ti-e inverted microscope.
    • Nikon C1 confocal module.
    • Digital image set with camera for DS-2MV photography.
    • H-201 cell cabin incubation system.
    • On-line workstation for image acquisition and analysis. NIS ELEMENTS software.
    • Off-line station for image analysis. NIS ELEMENTS software.
  • Service portfolio

    Confocal microscopy

    Obtaining confocal microscopy images from fixed samples (Multiple label images, multipoint colocalization experiments (X, Y, Z), FRAP)

    Confocal microscopy in vivo

    Study of in vivo samples (cell cultures with fluorescent markers) during a time sequence using a cell incubation system with temperature, humidity and gas control and a perfusion system.

    Conventional and Epifluorescence Microscopy

    Acquisition of images with transmitted light (classic, immunohistochemical stains) and from immunofluorescence using the digital image set with a camera for photography. Large images formed are obtained by several individual fields for the study of areas of interest ("Stitching").

    Image treatment and analysis

    Technical advice when processing, quantifying and analyzing information from the images obtained. There is an "off-line" workstation with specific software dedicated exclusively to image analysis